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Bon Voyage….

Davidwright_3 Hello all, and i just wanted to get one last blog in before i leave for my Voyage of the Seven Sea’s for the Bahamas and Other islands which i will have plenty of fun. I will miss all of those who read my blog and i will have some intresting stories of me fighting with Yankee’s fans in the sports bar on Friday night(A GAME I WISH I WAS HERE FOR), But if anyone has any questions about Cruises and all that, ill be more happy to answer for you. I will be leaving tomorrow morning at 11 am, and i will be arriving back in Manhattan at 11 on Saturday morning,I will blog about what i have seen on the cruise and some interesting happenings about my mets fix while im on there (Spending 4 dollars a minute on the Internet to check up to the minute scores), Also eating all day as when you go on the cruise you gain 10 pounds.

   As well a few thoughts on the game tonight. I am very happy as of now and will not have to take medicine to sleep because i would have been angry and been up all night. Its funny how my anger and temper revolves around the mets. As today , i was in the bar in Staten Island and they had the Yanks-A’s game on, Those fans are so obnoxious as they are shouting about the mets *******! I mean do i go around and say Yankees ****? (Ok maybe i do, but they shouldn’t because theyre not a wrightoholic like me) But How do the Mets ****? We are 23-12 and 2 games up on the Phils, The yankees have no outfield including Johnny (I cant reach the cutoff man with my girlie arm) Damon, and Milky Cabrera aka i wish i was miguel, And a Julio Franco wanna-be named Bernie Williams. I mean look at those three and we have the Royals type caliber outfield. Some poster posted a comment how Milky Cabrera was better than Miguel Cabrera, i just sat and looked in amazement as Milky will proabably be dealt for some outfielder the yankees need desperately, so what is that saying about is talents? Hes 21 and as i can recall , Mr Wright came up and played amazing baseball at that age. I dont want to hear Yankee bashers talk about their farm system, because its not existent. Look at the mets farm system( jokingly) JOSE LIMA!!, JOHN MAINNE!!, ROYCCE RINNG!. As im joking, the mets have some pretty good prospects lined up and hopefully they dont trade any soon. As i turn to my television, i see Mets weekly and my eyes light up. Hojo is on tv as of right now and is one of my all time fav’s. Great now things to love about Steve Trachsel, what a way to start the show. (I immediatly turned off the tv).

    But honestly, the way in which my life is revolved now is funny. My girlfriend gets angry at me, because both ring tones on my new motorola razr are David Wright’s walkup song. Or is it the fact that i say that im a wrightoholic makes her angry, ah she knows i like David Wright and im a wrightoholic. But hes just a great player and about around the same age (Im 21), He reminds me of alot like myself without the 304 Career batting average. But one of the reasons hes my favirtore player is because of all of the outstanding work he does singing autographs and doing charity work. I can never say anything bad about him. So what he makes an error, hes still the cornerstone of the future. Its not like he’s going anywhere soon and even if he does, **** still bring along that smile and grace he brings to the game in which we all love.

      Kazuo  Another one of my favirotes, Chris Woodward is talking about getting sent down to the minors after a few years and how he was excited about getting called up to the majors and how its a amazing feeling. I bet it is, but i have a problem with the way the mets use woodward. Hes a great Player in my mind and the last 3 times he came up, he bunted. Have him play second base please. Matsui’s garbage (See 3 posts ago Rant), And every night he plays i feel like i must sign up for my 10th MBNA Mets credit so i can buy a towel that i can clean the throwup off of the floor with after K after or even ground out. Granted, he is playing descent but i played descent in high school and i wasnt drafted by anyone ,maybe i should have played in Japan, and then i would have got noticed. I mean how does a guy get that money for being not even amazing in Japan,Jeez, If anyone comes to shea and sits in the loge, ill be screaming every time Matsui comes to the plate. Maybe ill change the blog name to The ************-o-holics, I dont know i just hate him.

    But i was wrong about Valentin for one night, lets see if he can do it again for the first time in 4 years. But i have to give credit to where it’s due, the mets have been in the ruts and i had flashbacks of last year after that home run to Damian Miller, and maybe that ball off koskies bat in the 9th would have been fair last year. But this is our year and i thoroughly believe that and i hope you all try to agree with me. Thanks again guys and please leave me best wishes comments as i do not want to throw up as i did last cruise due to ***** weather. thanks again and as always…..

              WRIGHT FOR PRESIDENT!!479

The David Watch…

5 David    Wright | 3B
Proper Name: David Allen Wright
Born: December 20, 1982

Norfolk, VA
Height: 6-0
Weight: 200 lbs.
Age: 23
Pronounced: N/A
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Pos: 3B
Experience: 2 years
2006 Salary: $374,000
College: N/A
AVG .304 | HR 5 | RBI 24 | OBP .377 | SLG .511
  Tonight, 1 for 4. With a BB. 2 K’S AND a error.
Tomorrow- 2 Home Runs, 19-19, 17 triples (Hey ya Gotta Believe)