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Winter Time

Baseball Claus is bringing some new gifts for Mets fans. Things are brewing and contrary to rumors and rumors they are actually becoming something.

I am back as you can tell and bring back a story from my first Winter League experience in Puerto Rico.

Some of you may have seen the report on metsblog.com regarding some Mets scouting that I came across. Buut of course I am going to complain in regards to another game I went to.

Winter League had Inter League while I was there. For a weekend the Dominican League and PRican League where flying 3 teams to respective places to play against the locals. This is how it went down:

6:30 pm – Got to the park for the game that started @ 7:30pm

7:30 pm – Still no game

8:15 pm – Still no game

The game was not started until later that night… say 9:30… because of other issues in my schedule I had to leave without seeing a game.

Mr_MetisSad.jpgThe league didn’t give the money back or were not really acommodating with the whole issue. All they were doing were blaming other people for the fact that the players were late.

We later heard that the teams didn’t board a plane until 4pm that afternoon because Dominican players were held @ their airports for lack of proper papers. Then some people in PR were saying that it was all because of the San Juan airport.  

I can understand that things come up but they know how it works. If you know that a process is going to be that long make plans to fly a day early. You don’t come in to a game half hour before it starts.  

I am not blaming one side more than the other. They definitely need to plan better for future years because the game promised to be a fun one.

The interaction within the fans was interesting and of course watching Ian Kennedy vs. Fausto Carmon for $10 bucks was going to be a steal.