David Wright 2009 prediction!!

      Hello everyone, Its John and i am back at the helm Wrighting yet again. It has been quite a while since my last post as i have been extremely busy finishing up at College and am quite happy that the School life is almost finished. Alot has happened since the last time i was on MLBLOGS, the hated Phillies won a world series ( who could have ever dreamt that), the Mets bullpen bllew 789 games, the mets signed k rod and traded 28 players away for JJ Putz, gas prices went down $1.50, Obama became president, my fantasy baseball team came in 2nd thanks to David Wrights performance at the end of the season and last but not least, the Mets pulled apart Shea Stadium piece by piece ( even selling hot dog vendor pieces for 200 a pop).  Shea Stadium ran its course and i know its been said about 2,000,000 times over the past 44 years but who cares, the place is a dump and needed to go. I did have some amazing memories throughout the years there but for the past year, horrible memories with a revolving bullpen door and a bunch of blown wins in the process. The signing of K-Rod and the aquisition of JJ Putz hopefully will make the mets bullpen formidible again and as i always say, right now it looks good but can they produce on the field come april or even come September in the spotlight. Keep in mind that Putz played in Seattle, Not under the bright lights in NY. He also is coming off a injury riddled year but i think he will perform and i just pray he can bring AC/DCs track thunderstruck with him as well to Citi Field. ( For those of you who normally dont watch Mariners baseball, that was his walk out song from the bullpen, heres a clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_M6KgtNKD8).

    Now this brings me to my favirote team, the METS. We all know they have a good lineup and what not but i think this year is the year that Reyes and Wright hopefully can continue to hit in bunches and not hit snags like they did last year. They are not rookies anymore and we cannot treat them like rookies by giving them mulligans every year. They really have to pull together a season without too many bumps is what im saying. This is Wrightoholics after all so we cant rip on the guy too much. David Wright brings so much to the table, ringing endorsement deals, 278 home run seasons, 800 rbi games, but i just want him to do that on a daily basis and my fantasy baseball team does as well. Okay, the 278 homers and 800 rbi games is a lie but he is CAPABLE of it! He just needs to stay focused .

      I think the Mets will be great again and hopefully they can do it this year at a beautiful new stadium in which i have already purchased my tickets too! I just hope they dont have another collapse like my other team did the past week, WAY TO GO JETS! Seriously, how bad does everyone feel for me? I like the Mets, Jets, Knicks! They all stink and 2 of 3 of them collapse like a slinky. I need a title soon, this is all getting to me. I have been taking Valium to try and keep my emotions sane.

      I hope everyone can continue to come back here and listen to me banter on about how life and baseball conincide with one another and JOHN is here and hes back. I will be writing on a daily basis once again with some off days to spare. MLB NETWORK ROCKS!

   Wright Tracker will be updated for 2009. Heres a predicition. 473 avg, 98 hrs, 893 rbis, 78 steals. Making this the best statisical season of all time.





Winter Time

Baseball Claus is bringing some new gifts for Mets fans. Things are brewing and contrary to rumors and rumors they are actually becoming something.

I am back as you can tell and bring back a story from my first Winter League experience in Puerto Rico.

Some of you may have seen the report on metsblog.com regarding some Mets scouting that I came across. Buut of course I am going to complain in regards to another game I went to.

Winter League had Inter League while I was there. For a weekend the Dominican League and PRican League where flying 3 teams to respective places to play against the locals. This is how it went down:

6:30 pm – Got to the park for the game that started @ 7:30pm

7:30 pm – Still no game

8:15 pm – Still no game

The game was not started until later that night… say 9:30… because of other issues in my schedule I had to leave without seeing a game.

Mr_MetisSad.jpgThe league didn’t give the money back or were not really acommodating with the whole issue. All they were doing were blaming other people for the fact that the players were late.

We later heard that the teams didn’t board a plane until 4pm that afternoon because Dominican players were held @ their airports for lack of proper papers. Then some people in PR were saying that it was all because of the San Juan airport.  

I can understand that things come up but they know how it works. If you know that a process is going to be that long make plans to fly a day early. You don’t come in to a game half hour before it starts.  

I am not blaming one side more than the other. They definitely need to plan better for future years because the game promised to be a fun one.

The interaction within the fans was interesting and of course watching Ian Kennedy vs. Fausto Carmon for $10 bucks was going to be a steal. 

It is the off-season… or is it?


I know that you are not looking for rumors, trades or trading rumors like in any other sites. There’s plenty of sites who dedicate every single breathing moment to it. And there’s ESPN in case you don’t feel like surfing the ‘net. With that out of the way, the off-season blogs (at least here) will focus on a few of the Mets news and David’s antics. No worries we will have our opinions on the trades and such.

Example #1: I think the Yankees are bullying everyone else with the CC thing.

Example #2: Please Mets, get rid of Heilman. Yeah, yeah I know some people still feel he could be a starter but let’s face it his stint on the Mets has not being the most productive. Blame misuse, misunderstanding or mis-ptiching it will just not work.

Now, with THAT out of the way we want to offer congrats to David for his Gold Glove and his Sliver Slugger Awards.

We are back on ‘Holics!

Bye, Bye


With tears in our eyes, deep sorrow in our souls, and abundant memories in our minds, we say goodbye to Shea – and the ’08 season.

We are all still in awe about yesterday’s game but it is not a feeling – at least personally – like last year’s final outing. The team overcame a lot during the season. From the bullpen falling apart to having everyone – and their mothers – starting at left field. It was a lot to take and the season just ended up being decided in the last week.

It would’ve been a nice ending to the closing of the park but sadly the circumstances sometimes are not the way we expect them or wish they could be.

For Mets fan the off-season – or the beggining and expectactions of the ’09 season- has started. I don’t know about you but when is time to have a dinner outing that includes hot dogs and popcorn, I will be there…

To those who fell in love with the game at Shea, keep your memories. They are valuable and you are part of history.

Now, let’s look forward to Citi Field when the grass is ready and the bats are back in swing.  

No need to bail them out


I think there’s no need for the goverment to bail out the antacid market right now. The weekend (or just about the past week) New York – and all the displaced fans – will show a growth in the revenues for the whole year. Between rotten fish and a rotten bullpen, stomachs are going to be suffering.


No…not the…


…bullpen… *sighs* What to say? Just like the Emmy’s intro last night… I have nothing. Yup, nothing planned, nothing to write.

It was an important game…. like the ones that are coming up. They better get it together.




robertoclementelogo.gifCongrats to David for being considered for the Roberto Clemente Award for his work within the team and the community.

Part of what we do is let everyone know the work he does with his foundation.

So we are really happy they are getting recognized for all they do.

If you want to vote for David (and someone from the American League as well) vote here: