Spring Breeze

Unless you have been living under a rock, spring baseball has been going one for almost a month. So in the spirit of spring, spring break, and baseball I took onto the road for the annual spring training trip. Here’s some things to consider for future Spring Trainers…  

Back of the Team PSL 2011

Game: Mets @ Braves
Venue: Celebration Stadium
Seats: Berm
First off, sat on the Berm… in a park that is in Mouse territory. Which translates to $22.50 per person. The cost is $17 (still Berm) and the fees. Even if you wait to buy them at the park you will still pay $20 per ticket. Ouch. And I sat on the grass. Double Ouch. Oh, and no lawn chairs.

It is a convenient park if you are also hitting some touristy places in FL. I guess you can kill a few birds with that stone. You can see a few magical places, encounter a few Braves players and catch a game. But keep in mind that lots of other people will think the same.

Game: Tigers @ Nats    
Venue: Space Coast Stadium
Seats: Bleachers – First Base Side
At this non-Mets game, I had the chance to see Verlander throw. The seats also gave me a first-hand view of Werth in a Nats uniform. And Nats fans are on the Werth-Wagon. Yes, the same over-rated, over-paid Werth we know, just in a different red uniform. Nothing else to say on that topic.

Venue wise,they have done lots to this place since my first visit in 2007. You can see the Nats’ batting practice across from the stadium and visiting team inside. Good place to get visiting team autographs. The seats were pretty good. For only ten dollars had the side view, enjoyed the sun, with the added bonus of the windy side that the park offers. The refreshing breeze is not as prominent behind home plate or on third base side.

Game: Braves @ Mets  
Venue: Digital Domain Park
Seats: Upper Reserved – Behind Home Plate
Went to see workouts, batting practice, base-running drills, and hear the guys joke about their abilities. Had a chance to talk to Buckholz about his routine and he signed for a few people.  Got Niese and Capuano to sign my official “Pitcher’s Ball” for the year. Left before the 9
th inning when they pulled the W.

Awesome seats. For only twelve bucks had shade and breeze. Even felt cold. Don’t let “Row X” fool you.

Game: Mets vs. Tigers  
Venue: Joker Marchant Stadium
Seats: General Admission

In this park general admission only means you get to sit on the bleachers. There is a berm that costs only two dollars less but neither place has shade. You will be in the sun all game. So if that is not your cup of tea, more expensive tickets are recommended.  Cozy venue, lots of history for Tigers fans.

This venue allows you to go down to the side of the dugouts until batting practice is over. Saw the guys do batting practice and Bay, Pagan, and Hu came over to sign for the kids.Best Bargain: Digital Domain Park – Nope not biased. You can still catch a game for $6. Parking is only $5.

So far Best Venue: The venue formerly known as Dodgertown (Vero Beach) – too bad is closed.

Next Stop: Opening Night @ the park formerly known as Land Shark Stadium – Formerly known as Dolphin Stadium – Formerly known as Pro Player Stadium (Once Pro Player Park) – Formerly known… jeez….. just Mets @ Marlins.  And just for reference it is Sun Life Stadium (as of 2010).


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