Going over schedules…and keeping scores.

Today – after my blunder of not going to see Astros vs. Blue Jays since I was already in Orlando – I decided to go over the Mets schedule to plan out some trips for the season. Yeah, I mean Opening Day is close and I should’ve thought about this a while back but, I guess I like the procrastination part of it.

First, Opening Day is during my spring break and there’s still tickets available. Not bad prices… or maybe prices that I am willing to break my piggie bank for. Now, I have noone to go with. Everyone either decided to go somewhere else instead of NY or they already took their vacation. I guess I am going to grill some hotdogs, put on SNY, put my TV outside and plaster my face with sunscreen. Score: Schedule 1 – Me 0

I made the decision of going to see the Mets @ ATL vs. my usual stint down in Citi Field South- umm sorry – Miami and the Stadium that changes names every 5 minutes. If I’m halfway either way, might as well go to a different park. But noooooo… what are the odds that Hotlanta doesn’t have a weekend series. Score:Schedule 2 – Me 0.

Then, I said oh ok so let me check Cali. I have been wanting to go to SD to see some friends and figured I could catch the Mets there… well au contraire to other years, the series is not in the middle of the summer. Score: Schedule 3 –  Me 0

The last option and maybe a different one would be trying to make the Puerto Rico series. Few people I know want to make the trip and I guess it could mean Baseball and the Beach. Besides, being that I am not going to the other options I am indeed saving money. Now, I need airfare prices on my side ‘cuz so far… this schedule is beating me.

Oh and today’s game? Yeah, you know what happened. If not, they lost in extra innings vs. WSH (5-7).


WDDD? (Meaning What Did David Do? In case you were wondering):

AB:3   H:3   HR:0   RBI:2   SO:0   SB:1   AVG: .317 


Tomorrow: Cards @ PSL  Game Time: 1:10pm


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