Spring… Oh, Spring…

The beginning of spring training always brings hope (insert sighs).

The end of spring?… endless discussions and undecided fans. Bloggers battle it out on cyber space… players go at it to earn that spot on the team. Or they sleep on their bases until the end of the season since they had a spot already (eehhh…. Murphy?).

Regardless, the experience of Spring Training this year was pretty complete for me. Personally is more for the excitement of starting again. Being able to be there and experience baseball just a tid bit before others. I got to see the Nats, Cards, and University of Michigan battling the Mets. I know by know you know scores and stats. I’ve never tried to provide what you can get somewhere else. I mean is more fun just to let out the rants and raves, right? Of course!

Here they go:
Convinced myself that the Marlins need their own place (Vero?) and decided that the Nats are doing a better job at fixing what they have. And happy because I made it to Tradition Field before they decided to change the name. I mean, really? Double D Park sounds like Pamela Anderson’s Playground.

Got some siggies and was able to make some wishes come true for some friends who had never been through the experince. And for a 5th straight year, I went to the park and didn’t get David Wright’s Autograph. Can you beleive it?

Here’s the season!!!!!
Later ‘Holics! 



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