It is the off-season… or is it?


I know that you are not looking for rumors, trades or trading rumors like in any other sites. There’s plenty of sites who dedicate every single breathing moment to it. And there’s ESPN in case you don’t feel like surfing the ‘net. With that out of the way, the off-season blogs (at least here) will focus on a few of the Mets news and David’s antics. No worries we will have our opinions on the trades and such.

Example #1: I think the Yankees are bullying everyone else with the CC thing.

Example #2: Please Mets, get rid of Heilman. Yeah, yeah I know some people still feel he could be a starter but let’s face it his stint on the Mets has not being the most productive. Blame misuse, misunderstanding or mis-ptiching it will just not work.

Now, with THAT out of the way we want to offer congrats to David for his Gold Glove and his Sliver Slugger Awards.

We are back on ‘Holics!



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