Bye, Bye


With tears in our eyes, deep sorrow in our souls, and abundant memories in our minds, we say goodbye to Shea – and the ’08 season.

We are all still in awe about yesterday’s game but it is not a feeling – at least personally – like last year’s final outing. The team overcame a lot during the season. From the bullpen falling apart to having everyone – and their mothers – starting at left field. It was a lot to take and the season just ended up being decided in the last week.

It would’ve been a nice ending to the closing of the park but sadly the circumstances sometimes are not the way we expect them or wish they could be.

For Mets fan the off-season – or the beggining and expectactions of the ’09 season- has started. I don’t know about you but when is time to have a dinner outing that includes hot dogs and popcorn, I will be there…

To those who fell in love with the game at Shea, keep your memories. They are valuable and you are part of history.

Now, let’s look forward to Citi Field when the grass is ready and the bats are back in swing.  



  1. metmainman

    I hate Citi Field. I hate all those stuply named ballparks. Shea is fine. They dont need to replace it. Mets should have made the playoffs. I think this was the last “pure baseball” season they have had. Now everything is 100% money based. In 50 years they will start making robots to play baseball so they don’t have to pay the players.

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