Spring Breeze

Unless you have been living under a rock, spring baseball has been going one for almost a month. So in the spirit of spring, spring break, and baseball I took onto the road for the annual spring training trip. Here’s some things to consider for future Spring Trainers…  

Back of the Team PSL 2011

Game: Mets @ Braves
Venue: Celebration Stadium
Seats: Berm
First off, sat on the Berm… in a park that is in Mouse territory. Which translates to $22.50 per person. The cost is $17 (still Berm) and the fees. Even if you wait to buy them at the park you will still pay $20 per ticket. Ouch. And I sat on the grass. Double Ouch. Oh, and no lawn chairs.

It is a convenient park if you are also hitting some touristy places in FL. I guess you can kill a few birds with that stone. You can see a few magical places, encounter a few Braves players and catch a game. But keep in mind that lots of other people will think the same.

Game: Tigers @ Nats    
Venue: Space Coast Stadium
Seats: Bleachers – First Base Side
At this non-Mets game, I had the chance to see Verlander throw. The seats also gave me a first-hand view of Werth in a Nats uniform. And Nats fans are on the Werth-Wagon. Yes, the same over-rated, over-paid Werth we know, just in a different red uniform. Nothing else to say on that topic.

Venue wise,they have done lots to this place since my first visit in 2007. You can see the Nats’ batting practice across from the stadium and visiting team inside. Good place to get visiting team autographs. The seats were pretty good. For only ten dollars had the side view, enjoyed the sun, with the added bonus of the windy side that the park offers. The refreshing breeze is not as prominent behind home plate or on third base side.

Game: Braves @ Mets  
Venue: Digital Domain Park
Seats: Upper Reserved – Behind Home Plate
Went to see workouts, batting practice, base-running drills, and hear the guys joke about their abilities. Had a chance to talk to Buckholz about his routine and he signed for a few people.  Got Niese and Capuano to sign my official “Pitcher’s Ball” for the year. Left before the 9
th inning when they pulled the W.

Awesome seats. For only twelve bucks had shade and breeze. Even felt cold. Don’t let “Row X” fool you.

Game: Mets vs. Tigers  
Venue: Joker Marchant Stadium
Seats: General Admission

In this park general admission only means you get to sit on the bleachers. There is a berm that costs only two dollars less but neither place has shade. You will be in the sun all game. So if that is not your cup of tea, more expensive tickets are recommended.  Cozy venue, lots of history for Tigers fans.

This venue allows you to go down to the side of the dugouts until batting practice is over. Saw the guys do batting practice and Bay, Pagan, and Hu came over to sign for the kids.Best Bargain: Digital Domain Park – Nope not biased. You can still catch a game for $6. Parking is only $5.

So far Best Venue: The venue formerly known as Dodgertown (Vero Beach) – too bad is closed.

Next Stop: Opening Night @ the park formerly known as Land Shark Stadium – Formerly known as Dolphin Stadium – Formerly known as Pro Player Stadium (Once Pro Player Park) – Formerly known… jeez….. just Mets @ Marlins.  And just for reference it is Sun Life Stadium (as of 2010).

From NY to CA

All-Star Voting

As you know David is second in the race for starting 3B… and we are doing a special campaign for Angel Pagan to be voted in as Write-In.

You can check out our account on Twitter @Wrightoholics and use the #SendAnAngelToAnaheim tag to trend it.

Thanks in advance for the votes!!! Click here for the Online Ballot



If you have a few bucks…

WelcomeHomeDinnerOne of the things we do on our blog is relay info on events concerning The DW Foundation, The Mets Foundation or any other baseball event/foundation that benefits the community.

 So if you have a few bucks to spare and want to do something good with it, here you go. Got this from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Site:

The Mets Annual Welcome Home Dinner will be held on Monday, April 5, 2010 at the Hilton New York, 1135 Avenue of the Americas (between 53rd and 54th Streets). The dinner, which includes the players, coaches and entire Mets organization, will officially welcome the team back to New York after their opening game at Citi Field.  Cocktails will begin at 6:00pm followed by dinner and a program featuring all of the Mets players and coaches.  Raffles and silent auction begin during cocktail hour.  The evening will conclude with a Mets autograph session, where guests will have the opportunity to obtain autographs from their favorite Mets players. 

Tables range from $10,000 to $25,000
Individual tickets = $1,000
Raffle tickets = One for $25 or five for $100

For More Information Call  718.803.4074

Going over schedules…and keeping scores.

Today – after my blunder of not going to see Astros vs. Blue Jays since I was already in Orlando – I decided to go over the Mets schedule to plan out some trips for the season. Yeah, I mean Opening Day is close and I should’ve thought about this a while back but, I guess I like the procrastination part of it.

First, Opening Day is during my spring break and there’s still tickets available. Not bad prices… or maybe prices that I am willing to break my piggie bank for. Now, I have noone to go with. Everyone either decided to go somewhere else instead of NY or they already took their vacation. I guess I am going to grill some hotdogs, put on SNY, put my TV outside and plaster my face with sunscreen. Score: Schedule 1 – Me 0

I made the decision of going to see the Mets @ ATL vs. my usual stint down in Citi Field South- umm sorry – Miami and the Stadium that changes names every 5 minutes. If I’m halfway either way, might as well go to a different park. But noooooo… what are the odds that Hotlanta doesn’t have a weekend series. Score:Schedule 2 – Me 0.

Then, I said oh ok so let me check Cali. I have been wanting to go to SD to see some friends and figured I could catch the Mets there… well au contraire to other years, the series is not in the middle of the summer. Score: Schedule 3 –  Me 0

The last option and maybe a different one would be trying to make the Puerto Rico series. Few people I know want to make the trip and I guess it could mean Baseball and the Beach. Besides, being that I am not going to the other options I am indeed saving money. Now, I need airfare prices on my side ‘cuz so far… this schedule is beating me.

Oh and today’s game? Yeah, you know what happened. If not, they lost in extra innings vs. WSH (5-7).


WDDD? (Meaning What Did David Do? In case you were wondering):

AB:3   H:3   HR:0   RBI:2   SO:0   SB:1   AVG: .317 


Tomorrow: Cards @ PSL  Game Time: 1:10pm

Spring… Oh, Spring…

The beginning of spring training always brings hope (insert sighs).

The end of spring?… endless discussions and undecided fans. Bloggers battle it out on cyber space… players go at it to earn that spot on the team. Or they sleep on their bases until the end of the season since they had a spot already (eehhh…. Murphy?).

Regardless, the experience of Spring Training this year was pretty complete for me. Personally is more for the excitement of starting again. Being able to be there and experience baseball just a tid bit before others. I got to see the Nats, Cards, and University of Michigan battling the Mets. I know by know you know scores and stats. I’ve never tried to provide what you can get somewhere else. I mean is more fun just to let out the rants and raves, right? Of course!

Here they go:
Convinced myself that the Marlins need their own place (Vero?) and decided that the Nats are doing a better job at fixing what they have. And happy because I made it to Tradition Field before they decided to change the name. I mean, really? Double D Park sounds like Pamela Anderson’s Playground.

Got some siggies and was able to make some wishes come true for some friends who had never been through the experince. And for a 5th straight year, I went to the park and didn’t get David Wright’s Autograph. Can you beleive it?

Here’s the season!!!!!
Later ‘Holics! 


The apple will rise…

Just had to write something small about it. We were talking over @ the Hot Foot Bleachers on how the apple was low on action. Low and behold we get a HR and then another one… Sad how they didn’t even think the Mets could get HR’s back to back & the apple suffers a delay.

But hopefully the apple will rise again…

Random Thoughts for the Day

Random thoughts…

– It is the Yankees turn. I guess maybe on a wild guess… they will not have as many HRs? Let see the result on a change of scenery.

– The Mets are only 0.5 games out of first place. However, the Stinky Fish are only 1 game out. I guess we haven’t looked @ the overall standings that much.

– All-Star voting ends July 2. David and Beltran are the front runners from the Mets. Even when Beltran may not play due to his DL status, it is the thought that counts. And with David make sure you vote. There’s people going around saying how Larry deserves it more.

– Hopefully I can make it in time to watch the end of the game tonight.

Catch U Later ‘Holics!